不要让我们的术语把你绊倒! Prepare yourself by understanding these commonly used college terms. 

学术顾问: A faculty or staff member that assists students with developing an educational plan, 帮助确定每学期要上的课程, 回答有关项目/职业的问题, 了解大学的学术政策和程序. 在ndsc,每个学生都有一名学术顾问, students are encouraged to meet with them at least once a semester.

校历: There are many dates and deadlines students need to be aware of, 哪些学生可以在学历中找到. Students will also receive an 电子邮件 from the 学生的成功 Center reminding them of those dates. 请参阅学术日历 ndsc.edu/365网站.

学术地位:学生在学院享有学术地位. When students fall below the acceptable grade point average (平均绩点), 他们被告知他们在学术警告, 缓刑, 或暂停. Students in this situation are encouraged to meet with their 学术顾问, the 学生的成功 Center and/or the 金融援助 office to gain a better understanding of how this can impact their success and future at ndsc. ndsc.edu/AcademicStanding.

的小巷: 的小巷 is in the basement of the Hektner学生中心, Wahpeton, ND, 它是举办许多活动的地方.

BAC: ndsc BAC(克莱尔T. Blikre活动中心, Wahpeton ND) is where students can attend athletic events and stay healthy themselves by taking advantage of their free membership, 使用室内跑道, 健康中心, 辅助健身, 壁球球场, 重量的房间, 还有游泳池.

书店: The ndsc 书店 is located in the Hektner学生中心 in Wahpeton, 在国家安全委员会法戈155室, 并可在线访问 ndsc.edu/书店. Students are able to purchase textbooks, tools, course/school supplies, clothing and gifts.

出租车: The ndsc 出租车 (校园活动委员会) is a student group that provides campus entertainment and a wide range of activities for students throughout the year. 欢迎所有ndsc学生参加出租车活动. 了解更多信息或加入出租车,请访问 ndsc.edu/出租车.

通勤的学生: Students who take classes on campus, but don’t live on campus.

学分或学时: Each course is assigned a certain number of credits/credit hours, usually corresponding to how often class occurs and how long classes are, 以及课程的难度.

学位: A degree from ndsc is awarded when a student meets all applicable program requirements. ndsc提供文凭、证书和副学士学位. Associate degrees earned at ndsc includes Associate of Arts (AA), Associate of Science (AS) and Associate of Applied Science (AAS).

餐厅的计划: All students are able to purchase a meal plan through ndsc dining services – meal plans are required for students living in the residence halls. There are different plans available and are based on how many meals you have each semester. ndsc.edu/Dining

删除和添加类: There is a grace period at the beginning of each semester when students can add or drop a class(es). Refund eligibility is based on the date on which the drop is effective.

教师:在大学里指导课程的职员. Sometimes referred to as ‘professors’, ‘teachers’, or ‘instructors’.

FAFSA:免费申请联邦学生资助. 这是申请经济援助的第一步.

FERPA: Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act protects the privacy of student educational records. Students can elect to release certain information to anyone they choose by completing a FERPA Release Form. ndsc.edu/FERPA

金融援助:指任何类型的学生贷款, 奖学金, 或者资助学生支付大学学费. ndsc.edu/FinancialAid

平均绩点:平均绩点. This reflects a student’s cumulative academic achievement for a semester and throughout their time as a student. The 平均绩点 is updated after each semester’s grades are finalized and reported.

它的: The 它的 (IT Service) department is located in the Hektner学生中心 in Wahpeton and in ndsc-Fargo 房间 106. 他们为计算机提供支持, 电子邮件, 电话, 网络, 打印机, 还有其他各种各样的技术. They can assist students in gaining access to the Microsoft Office products that might be needed for some classes. ndsc.edu/它的

剽窃: Copying some or all of someone else’s work and claiming it as your own. 剽窃 is taken seriously in college and could result in an F and/or other disciplinary action. (参见ndsc目录第27页.)

校长荣誉名单:  Recognition for students who have achieved a grade point average of 3.5 or higher while taking at least 12 credits with letter grades.

登记:  The process of signing up for the classes a student needs to take in the next semester. Students will receive an 电子邮件 in their campus 电子邮件 account letting them know when their registration window begins which is typically the beginning of the month prior to the end of the semester. 发生这种情况(插入日期) ndsc.edu/RegisterForClasses

Res生活: Res生活 (住宅生活) refers to the on-campus housing available at ndsc in Wahpeton.

奖学金:  A financial award to help students pay for college; students are not required to payback these awards.

学期付款截止日期: The date in which the balance on a student’s account is due. ndsc students have 24/7 access to their account through CampusConnection > Financial Account tile. Here, students can view their account, check their current balance, and pay their bill. ndsc.edu/Payment

教学大纲: A general summary of a course handed out to the students at the beginning of a course. These serve as the ‘contract’ between the student and the instructor.

转移信用: Earned credits that can be transferred from one school and applied toward a degree at another.

学费:学生注册的每个学分的基本费用. 学费根据学生的居住地而定. 学费不包括书本费、杂费、住宿费和伙食费. ndsc.edu/costs

导师:  A peer or professional staff member that has been trained to assist students with specific courses/subjects to bolster success and comprehension. ndsc.edu/辅导


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