的支持下 校友/基础, NDSCS is looking for a group of students who are friendly, 即将离任的, dedicated and who represent various academic areas of NDSCS to serve as ndsc大使.

ndsc大使 will help foster a caring community for our students, faculty and staff while serving as a resource and familiar contact for visitors who come to campus for both NDSCS sponsored and non-NDSCS sponsored events.

ndsc大使 gain a deeper understanding of the history of NDSCS, 高等教育结构, and earn a scholarship by giving back to their NDSCS community.



Please contact ndsc大使 Advisor:
汉娜•弗兰克斯: 701-671-2234 | 汉娜.franks@y-ange.com

  • Actively participate in all required events, including meetings and training.
  • Serve as a point of contact and information to prospective and current students, 以及NDSCS的嘉宾和合作伙伴.
  • Serve as a friendly role-model for all students.
  • Answer fundamental questions about the NDSCS campus services, 设施, 职责和活动.
  • Be prompt, prepared and positive at all times.
  • Keep staff informed of any and all problems.
  • Abide by and reinforce all campus policies.
  • 完成分配的其他工作.
  • Be currently enrolled as a 2nd Year NDSCS student.
  • Be in good academic standing (minimum 2.0 cumulative 平均绩点) as well as good disciplinary standing (not on behavioral probation) at the time of performing position responsibilities.
  • Be able to attend training and be present for 6-10 identified events.
  • Attend all monthly Ambassador meetings.
  • Have excellent communication and customer service skills.
  • Have an appreciation for and ability to work with alumni and people of all ages, 个性和背景.
  • Demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for NDSCS.
  • Be willing to learn more about NDSCS history.
  • Be able to think quickly and act appropriately in high-stress situations.
  • Be able to exercise good judgment while keeping the well-being of the participants and NDSCS as a top priority during decision making.
  • Have a desire to work with all aspects of the NDSCS community including students, 家庭, 客人, 访客及教职员.
  • 维护 学生领导素质标准.

Ambassadors will receive more information on required on event dates throughout the year.

  • NDSCS Fine Arts 365网站 (Band/Choir Concerts, Plays, Musicals)
  • 招聘会
  • 梦想拍卖
  • 校友的功能
  • 同学会365网站
  • 爱心日
  • Prospective Student 365网站 (includes some Saturdays)
  • Valuable leadership experience and enhanced customer service skills.
  • Personal satisfaction from helping the NDSCS and local community.
  • The opportunity to work with a diverse group of people and to make friends.
  • Opportunities to network with NDSCS administrators, faculty, staff and community members.
  • Deeper understanding of the history of NDSCS and higher education structure.
  • NDSCS polo shirt and other “gear” throughout the academic year.
  • $1,000 scholarship ($500 per semester) awarded at the successful completion of each semester.